My transformation journey started when…

I was a typical stressed out young person! As a teen, I excelled in school and worked on a million different projects, all of which, frankly, I loved! I had the strong role model of my mother, aunt and grandmothers to know that I could excel at anything intellectual that I wanted. So, I applied this to my school work and earned a spot in the Harvard class of 1987. My years at Harvard were some of the happiest of my life! One of the reasons for that was that I was able to release any sense of perfectionism and just enjoy learning and being with a group of motivated people. I was smart, but I was clearly not going to be the top of the class, so why not enjoy my time?

When I left Harvard, I found the perfect job for me at the time, which was working as a CPA. This was not a path that many Harvard graduates took, but I enjoyed working in the audit division of Arthur Andersen, advising clients in many different industries, and not being tied to a desk. I loved teaching new staff, and the job was good for me. But one thing that was pervasive for me when working was a high level of stress. I have an extremely perfectionist personality, and accounting just fed that. Also, as is common in business, because I was good, I was in high demand. The more that I did well, the more that was demanded of me, and the more I was asked, the more I felt I had to do.

When I gave birth to my daughter in 1995, I knew that my personality and the state of the industry at that time would not be compatible with my staying in public accounting, so I retired and worked on my own as a consulting accountant. This is when I also started doing so much work for free. Every non - profit that heard of me wanted me on their board, and, once there, I was drafted into being the treasurer and often times the bookkeeper. Note the pattern, I was skilled, and I allowed everyone to take advantage of my skills.

My life began to change in 1997 with the sudden death of my mother at the age of 60. I had the gift of being there when she died, and an energetic experience at that time made me realize that the universe was much different than it appeared to the naked eye. I began reading books by James Van Pragh, among others. Within that year, I became pregnant with my son and I was drawn again and again to a description of a yoga class offered by the town’s leisure services. After he was born, I took that class and that’s when my life really began to shift. While I had never been attracted to physical practices before, I knew after my first class that I would be doing yoga the rest of my life, and after the second class, I knew that I would some day be a yoga teacher. The sense of peace and connection to something greater that I felt even after one class was life changing.

During the ensuing years, I practiced yoga, and spent a lot of time studying with many teachers, both reading and in person. I went to Kripalu with friends at least once a year, and went to a conference in New York put on by the Omega institute every winter. Ultimately, my family and I would travel once a summer to Omega so that I could learn from a master teacher and my kids could enjoy the children’s programs there. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to attend workshops led by John Holland, James Van Pragh, Carolyn Myss, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Brain Weiss, and many others. These workshops expanded my spiritual experience along with the yoga.

It was a joy in 2005 when I finally was able to go to Kripalu to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I was lucky enough that a master Kripalu teacher, Yoganand Michael Carroll formed his own school, the Pranakriya School, at the time which offered advanced trainings around the country, including at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Manchester, CT. I was able to complete my 500 hour professional level training with him as well as my yoga therapy certification with his school.

When I became a yoga therapist, I decided that I would augment it with learning Reiki. I was attuned to Reiki levels 1 and 2 by Brett Bevell in 2011 and received my master level attunement from him in 2017.

It is my great joy to share the depth of my spiritual practice and healing ability with those who come to my classes weekly, and who come to my healing sessions. I have built upon my offerings by creating a course designed to connect people to their original sense of light heartedness. I also have had the privilege to walk with many on pilgrimage, and it is my hope that I can be of service to you!